About us

Saint Monroe is making their debut come back with their latest single, “Can’t Break Me.” Despite a lengthy hiatus, the band still stands strong and is returning in 2021 with a powerful gesture of redemption. With their anthemic and gritty in-your-face rock’n’roll style, their newest single is a rallying cry that encompasses the cyclical experience of going through and overcoming personal hells in the pursuit of self-growth. Saint Monroe invites anyone with a shared experience along for the journey as we definitively express that we will not be broken by the world, or ourselves. 

Attempting to represent the complexities of our shared human experience, Saint Monroe seeks to explore the existence and barriers around the dichotomy of the sinner and the saint through visual and auditory exploration of rock’n’roll. Within this duality lies the belief that we all carry the capacity for both, and it is the band's mission to investigate these narratives and experiences. 

Hailing from the heart of central North America, where red dirt meets the windswept plains of Oklahoma, Saint Monroe’s lifeblood and work ethic are second to none. The band has rocked stages of all sizes, from festival stages such as Rocklahoma, to their favorite local rock’n’roll clubs, wherever Saint Monroe goes a rock show is sure to follow and pride themselves on their live show experience as an opportunity to make meaningful connections with their audience. 

Join Saint Monroe on their journey of rock’n’roll reclamation.

Meet the band

Miche'la Creel

lead vocals, Rhythm guitar


Andy Hopkins

Lead Guitar, Background vocals

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Eric "Muskrat" Ahtone

Bass, background vocals

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Thomas Hurd

Drums, Percussion

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