High energy and heavy sound Saint Monroe brings us five beautifully mixed tracks with Victim. Rising above the wall of sound throughout are clear vocals accusing us and seducing us with melody and blood. Victim opens with Out for Blood setting the tone and common theme with a fast paced anthem of rebellion, independence, and violence. Victim (the track) follows and flips t he table on victimhood after building to shrieking vocals. A bit slower and especially seductive, Wild Ones pulls you in closer. Stars Go Black warns us and rocks us with a compelling chorus. The final track, Under Water, is a poetic and melodic study of a liquid last goodbye. Despite the common themes and sound, each song rings out. The fantastic mixing blends wonderfully the heavy strings of the driving guitar & bass, accenting percussion, striking vocals, and occasionaly the little bit extra. Listen to this with good headphones. Can you pick a favorite track? They 're all epic.”

Jim Fondren from Americana Media Gig Spot